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Consistent in-house production from design to assembly! !

Development, design, manufacture and sales of "CNC pipe benders, CNC wire benders, various terminal processing machines, various dedicated machines, automation systems"


Automation & Systemization


Quickly respond to troubles with "quick information collection and analysis" with a consistent production system! !
With an integrated production system in-house, only our company can summarize system design, dedicated machine design, and robot teaching.





Product Concept


Quality Precision Bending

(1) Ac servo motor is actively adopted as a driving source, numerical control is possible in units of 1/100°or 1/100mm

(2) Parts that conventionally used hydraulic and air are replaced with AC servos,

(3) Molds are in-house manufactured to achieve high-quality bending by accumulating original mold know-how.



Interactive Programs

We offer programs that make it easy to incorporate the front and rear devices of the automation line. The user can create their own programs, and the operability has been further improved.




Automation cost reduction

We specialize in automatic systemization in combination with "automatic loading and unloading machines (robots, dedicated machines, etc.)", "dedicated machines for front and rear processes", and sensoring technology. We propose a system that improves competitiveness with "labor cost saving" and "a system that can withstand 24-hour operation".




Easy maintenance

By using highly distributed general-purpose parts, we consider them from the design stage so that users can procure parts. In addition, nc program user behavior program editing is designed to be changed on the user side, so it is easy to manage.